The Top Holiday Gift Guides of 2013

While doing one’s entire holiday shopping online has become the norm for an increasing number of people over the past couple of years, it can still be a challenge to find the perfect give for everyone on your list. Luckily, some of our favorite bloggers have curated their favorite products and gifts across the  internet to help you out.


Below is a brief video we made, highlighting what we believe to be some of the top holiday gift guides of 2013. They span from gifts for your furry friends to that perfect beauty regiment that would make a fantastic gift. You might even buy one for yourself. With less than 2 weeks left till Christmas, today is the perfect day to finish all of your holiday shopping!


Links for the video below:

Becki’s Finds For The Pickiest People On Your List – Shopping’s My Cardio
Present Picks 2013 – A Piece of Toast
Holiday Gift Guide For Your 4 Legged Friend – My Style Vita
7 Must-Have Luxe Holiday Gifts – My Belonging
2013 Holiday Gift Guide Magazine – Sprinkles in Springs


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Blog Post Image Strategy and Optimization

Despite being a small component in the big picture of an overall blog post; how you optimize your images has a direct impact on the growth of your blog; thus making this a very important topic. In this video, we will discuss some of the best strategies for using images and optimizing them to serve you and your reader’s in the best way possible. So what are you waiting for? Jump in, watch the video and start making changes today in the ways that you optimize your blog post images!


Key Strategies:

  • Correctly sized photos will increase your site’s loading time, while preventing others from stealing your full resolution photos. Not sure how to resize your photos? Here is a great tutorial for resizing images using iPhoto.
  • Adding social share buttons to your images will help your readers easily share your images across their social media channels. Not sure how to do this? The Pinterest’s On Hover Pin It Buttons tutorial is a great place to start.
  • Using the “Read More” Function is a great way to display the maximum amount of content on your homepage while allowing your readers to choose which topics they wish to read about. Here is a great article to help you incorporate this function into your future posts!


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20 Menswear Bloggers Worth Reading

daily mister fashion blog
Daily Mister:

With a background in fashion editorial work and a very unique streetwear style, Daily Mister is a fine representation of New York style. Switching up posts from streetwear looks to tailored suits, or just your every-day casual wear, this blogger has a wardrobe that fits every taste.

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East Dane UDisplay Technology Widget is Now Available

As most of you know, East Dane officially launched their e-commerce site at the beginning of last week with more than 100 of the finest menswear brands. Thanks to numerous hours of hard work by the DigitallyLUX design and development team over the past couple of days, we are excited to announce that the East Dane Widget, with UDisplay Technology, is now available to our bloggers and publishers alike. It is easy to install and provides relevant menswear clothing based on your site specific content, while also being aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the new design.


Not part of our publisher network? Apply today to get access to the East Dane and Shopbop Interactive Shopping Widgets to start earning commission!


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How to Install a DigitiallyLUX Widget Into Your Blog Post

Being an Account Executive at DigitallyLUX, my main role involves working directly with bloggers. This includes scouting fresh talent, coaching bloggers to help them become more successful and handling any day to day tasks that are related to working with our publishers. One thing make publishers don’t realize when they sign up is how easy it is to include our widget in one of their blog posts. We figured we should utilize Instagram Video to help show you how quick and easy it is. And yes, it can take less than 15 seconds!

1. Log into your DigitallyLUX Account

2. Select a Brand or Clothing Category on the “Build A Widget Page” (We chose Jewelry)

3. Copy the Widget Code

4. Paste it into one of your blog posts (We used our Tumblr Blog)

5. Click Save/Publish and your widget will appear!


Not one of our Publishers? Apply Here!

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Digital Dish: How to Hashtag

Hashtags are a fantastic way to gain free exposure & attention across numerous social media sites; something that is good for bloggers and brands alike. They can catch the attention of users, help followers find more info about a certain topic or event and assist groups in assembling via social media. While generally all social media users are familiar with using Hashtags, it wouldn’t be right to write about using them without providing a thorough tutorial which I have included below.


How to Hashtag

How to Hashtag:  “#” + Word/Phrase = A Proper Hashtag (Example: #SocialMedia)


When utilizing the Hashtag feature, make sure you choose relevant terms that people are both searching for and clicking on. These can include a descriptive word, location or predetermined Hashtag at a event which attracts large crowds such as a sporting event, conference or summer fair. Whatever the occasion is, the success of using a Hashtag comes directly from how many people are using it or searching for it.


One key component of Hashtags is understanding the unofficial rules of using them across different social media channels. For example, using too many Hashtags on Twitter can quickly make you look like a spammer rather than a contributing member of the Twitter community. Compare this to Instagram which is a common channel for users to include more than 8 Hashtags per image; something which is totally acceptable on Instagram. This is because a large part of instagram is discovering other’s pictures; something which can be easily done with Hashtags. Unofficial rules of using Hashtags are often hidden in the details; something you can pick up on by observing your specific niche and community where you interact


The takeaway from this topic is that Hashtags can be very beneficial when used strategically and responsibility by both brands and bloggers alike. They generally increase the number of viewers that one of your posts might receive and helps all of your content become more searchable as a whole. In addition, including Hashtags is a simple process that anyone can learn to do in less than a minute by following our super simple tutorial above. Lastly, understand the role that Hashtags has on each social media channel in order to be well accepted by fellow users. The only thing left is to make Hashtags a regular part of your social media campaigns.

What is your favorite Hashtag that you use most often? Leave us a comment!

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Trend2Try: Flower Power

Floral Trend on the Runway Spring 2013


Sure- florals for Summer aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but no summer is complete without the quintessential print of the season. Luckily, the “floral family” offers an endless array of styling options and fresh interpretations pop up season after season. For Spring, Prada went big and bold- adorning pieces with a classic black and white daisy. Nanette Lepore went light and airy with super femme printed dresses in sheer fabrics. Rebecca Minkoff took floral for a casual spin, pairing colorfully printed tops with lightwash denim. At 3.1 Phillip Lim floral prints were infused into streetwear; being infused into graphic tees and mini-dresses. Bottega Venetta made floral look luxe, sending plush velvet dresses adorned with daisies down the catwalk.

Fashion Bloggers Wearing Floral


Off the runway, the Fashion Bloggers are rocking their floral pieces in a bevy of different styles, shapes, and species. Alba of Petit and Sweet Couture wears a shift dress printed with the Hawaiian Bird of Paradise that has us wanderlusting for sandy beaches and tropical getaways. The floral trend gets an Eastern infusion on Be Sugar & Spice; her printed mini looks perfect with a classic white button down and bright sunnies. The floral trend gets a nod to the 90’s in a Daisy printed playsuit on Whitney of Ready Two Wear. Jenn of The Stylish Housewife goes bold and bright in a floral printed pink shift dress. Francesca of Don’t Call Me A Fashion Blogger does floral with checks and stripes in a gorgeous silk shift.


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Digital Dish: Where Should You Post Social Media Content

Ask someone what their favorite social media platform is and you will likely get a confused look as a response. They might say, “How can you choose?” or “They each have their advantages and disadvantages.” Essentially speaking, with all the various social media sites that have large user bases it can be tempting to post the same identical content across multiple channels. Do you post the same items to multiple social networks with one of the numerous “autoposting” tools? While it is rather easy to do so, it can actually be quite bad for your branding, which is what I will be discussing today.

  What should I post to my social media account


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Lookbook We Love: 3.1 Phillip Lim X Shopbop

The 3.1 Phillip Lim woman is the perfect mix of ‘Good Girl’ meets ‘Bad Girl’. Equal parts sweet, approachable and friendly with a dash of mystery and a sense of danger about her. Is she good girl gone bad; or bad girl gone good? We can’t quite figure out; but one thing’s for certain- she’s got that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that leaves us wanting more. Here’s our styling tips to nail the look that leaves everyone wondering, “Who’s that girl?!’

3.1 Phillip Lim Summer 2013 Lookbook
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Digital Dish: Choosing a Camera System

My love for photography started at a young age when I began borrowing my dad’s camera in an attempt to capture life as it moved around me. But it wasn’t until many years later that I was ready to invest in my first DSLR Camera that I faced the dilemma of trying to decide which brand and camera model I wanted to purchase while also trying to stay within my budget. 5 years later, I have practiced my skills in many different capacities including weddings, sporting events and VIP occasions. Of course, my love for photography also lead me to fashion which is what I want to talk about today.

Choosing a Camera System

Being a successful fashion blogger generally requires a professional DSLR camera that will produce images that are worthy of posting on the internet. The only question is, which camera should you buy? And more importantly, should you buy a Nikon or Canon camera? A debate that has been going on for many decades. However, in the grand scheme of things, this might be the wrong debate for one to have.

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