the digitallylux fashion infographic

The state of the DigitallyLUX:
A Snapshot of the Global Fashion Blogosphere

As the shift from traditional to digital media continues to evolve, we analyzed over 550 fashion blogs using our exclusive blog tracker and created this info-graphic as a “Snapshot of the Global Fashion Blogosphere”.

The DigitallyLUX Blog Tracker was developed as the most comprehensive look at the diverse online fashion community.The blog tracker was built out of a way to improve the way advertisers look to spend their advertising dollars and being able to easily identify the fashion blog that best fits their brand’s need.

Analytics pulled from our software show the increasing influence of the fashion blogosphere and its continual growth. The fashion blogs are organized into 9 regions based on where the blogs write from. Within each of the regions we organized the percentage by type of published content that each fashion blog writes about to gain insights about on average what different sites are writing about.

We found The Total Twitter & Facebook Fans by Region to be interesting, there is six times the amount of twitter followers for North America based sites compared to all of the sites in Europe.

Also within each region we segmented the total number of sites, the average Klout score, the percentage of sites that use Twitter & Facebook. This was a surprise to see not all fashion fully using social media platforms to promote their site and connect with their readers.

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