Pinterest: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Despite a few harsh critics and a handful of small controversies over their privacy policy; Pinterest is here to stay with over 25 million registered users. And that means Pinterest is a huge marketing opportunity for bloggers like you and I, who can strategically use Pinterest to drive traffic to our sites. However, being successful on Pinterest is much more than just pinning images from time to time without any real strategy, purpose, or plan.


How to get pinterest followers the right and wrong way to do Pinterest


Below we’ve outlined the right way, and wrong way, to grow your Pinterest presence.



The Good:


1. Talk to People


Leaving relevant, authentic and meaningful comments on other’s pins is a surefire way to gain more followers as it helps your account gain visibility.


2. Repin from People You Admire


Follow and re-pin images from people who share similar taste and style as you do. Re-pinning from people you admire will notify the original “pinner”- who will hopefully pay a visit to your Pinterest and *fingers crossed* follow you back!


3. Timing Is Everything


Gaining momentum and traction on Pinterest is also impacted by the times of day that you are active on the site. Generally speaking, most users check Pinterest around lunchtime and at night after a long day at work. While pinning images throughout the day is good, make sure you have a few scheduled for the high traffic times each day.


4. Spread the Word


Let everyone know you’re pinning away by adding a Pinterest Widget to your site. This is a great way to promote your account without appearing overly desperate or spammy. PLus it’s super easy- simply copy and paste the html code into your sidebar.


5. Pin From Your Blog

Create a Pinterest board solely for images from your blog. Also, when you pin to your blog’s board, make sure you use a dedicated hashtag (such as your blog name) so that people can easily search and find images from your site. But just don’t over do it…





The Bad:


1. All About Me

We all know you run a fashion blog and sure, we enjoy reading it. But we are also interested in seeing what kinda of food looks good to you, what other clothing trends you have your eye on and where you want to travel to. For this reason, we can’t understand why you only pin pictures of yourself…just stop it. Focus on a well rounded array of pinned images and you will be just fine.


2. The Avalanche Effect

I can always tell when my friends are home alone on a Friday night because they pin hundreds of images within a 5 minute window; a practice that seriously annoys your followers. Instead, focus on consistency and quality rather than quantity- nobody wants to be that annoying person that clogs up the feed!


3. The Sales Pinner

We get it- you want to make money from your affiliate links. But posting product after product with captions like, “OMG I am SO buying this” and “I can’t wait till Payday” is just plain old boring. Why follow you when I can just shop online? Focus on food, fashion, crafts and photography first- with a small sprinkling of products and affiliate links that you love.


4. The Trickster

I do not like being told what to pin…I can figure that out all by myself, thank you very much. That being said, no one likes when people try to trick us, or even beg us, into re-pinning them by captioning something with “Pin Now, Read Later” or “You’ll be SO happy you re-pinned this. I promise!” Keep your captions informative…not desperate!


5. Vertical Collages

You know what people love about Pinterest? The fact that it looks like you’re scrolling through a perfectly formatted collage of random inspirational images. And you know what gives me a major Pinterest buzzkill? Seeing those long, vertical posts take up a good 30 seconds worth of scrolling on my feed! Just say not to the vertical collages.


Pinterest’s explosive growth has really enhanced the branding of companies such as Free People, Warby Parker and Elsie Larson. But with the good comes the bad, and there are plenty of accounts that need to refresh their Pinterest approach in order to appeal to a wider audience. Hopefully the tips above will set you on the right track to building an engaged and relevant pinterest following.

Posted: May 7, 2013 Comments: 1 By: Chase M

  1. this is actually super helpful……I rarely have time to take advantage of all of the great benefits of Pinterest but this makes it a lot easier!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

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