Fresh Products Delivered Daily

UDisplay is a dynamic tool for publishers to include in their editorial content to highlight the latest from favorite brands carried online.

New products are automatically syndicated and published real-time to the widgets — making them just as fresh as the content displayed on your website.

Our pilot relationship is with and warehousing their extensive brands with new retailers in the works.

Available Options

  1. Choose the brand
  2. Select the width that fits your website’s articles
  3. Social. To be or not to be?
  4. Check it out with Live Preview
  5. ready to post — Copy & Paste HTML to embed


Available Publishing Platforms

  • Blogspot/Blogger
  • (self hosted)
  • Tumblr
  • Onsugar
  • Typepad
  • Expression Engine

UDisplay can be embedded in any post and on any publishing platform that accepts iFrame HTML.

*Note: currently not supported


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